Maserati GranSport Paint Correction

Today we have a Maserati GranSport. I was fortunate enough to have this for about a week, with the owner giving me the luxury to work on it at my leisure during what is a very busy part of the year.

DV_GSpb 20 of 33_zpsjsmknzhg

The previous owner did a fantastic job of maintaining it which made my job a little easier.

The car came coated with what I believe is C-Quartz, an OptiCoat alternative. Very good product actually, bit of shame we had to strip it off. Like OC, C-Q self levels, which means no/minimal buffing required. However if you apply it on too thick, it will create a high spot that looks like an oil stain and unfortunately harden that way. The only way to remove it, is to 'cut' it off.

DV_GSpb 6 of 33_zpsc7smei5t

The rest of the car was in very good condition, but the roof had some pretty nasty scratches which I spent a number of hours correcting.

DV_GSpb 5 of 33_zpsnozqge9e

The dots indicate scratches that require further attention after the first few passes.

DV_GSpb 8 of 33_zpsev7mj18l

The paint had a medium cut. A solid polish and finally jeweling the paint. Then 2 coats of Polish Angel Cosmic GlassCoat from. 24 hours curing time and we were good to go. This car has almost no straight lines, making it a dream to work on.

DV_GSpb 7 of 33_zpsccaf2ucy

The sills took roughly an hour each, but well worth it.

Wheels were hand polished and protected with Nanolex rim coating.

Leather was leatheriqued. Already in fantastic condition, I thought i'd try it out anyway. Well the leather soaked the oils up so quickly!! Now it is so soft and supple. Seriously, one of the best products out there.

DV_GSpb 3 of 33_zpsu68d3rpi

The scuttle tends to allow water to sit and built dirt, so that was cleaned along with parts of the engine bay (which again the previous owner maintained brilliantly).

DV_GSpb 1 of 33_zpsuhvy0oyp

DV_GSpb 2 of 33_zpszcaoao1r

I hate dirty hinges.

DV_GSpb 9 of 33_zpsih6mqyov

DV_GSpb 11 of 33_zpsm2e5hasd
Overall the total time spent was 34 hours for a 3 stage process. I have no doubts the new owner will maintain it to the same standard, for he is no rookie in these matters.

DV_GSpb 4 of 33_zpsocvpgf0t
The reflection was epic.

DV_GSpb 10 of 33_zpszmrdz4zv
Always important to do behind the number plates, where the damage is usually heavy. Yeh no one sees it, but do your job properly.

DV_GSpb 16 of 33_zpsbslcfyns
This was very difficult to clean, but well worth it in the end.

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Burning the midnight oil.

A quick photoshoot followed, the best part was just jumping in enjoying the car in motion. I'm not a great photographer - but it'll do. Enjoy.

DV_GSpb 32 of 33_zpscdydonny

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As always, cars are meant to be driven - so go out and enjoy the fruits of working so hard to be able to afford the cars we love.