POLISH ANGEL: $150-$200*

OPTI - COAT Gloss Coat: $120

OPTI - COAT Pro+: $200**

*This is our recommended coating for weekend cars. It really gives an epic level of shine. There are number of options to choose from hence the price variance, so if you’re interested give us a call to see what is best combination for your car.

**If you like to apply waxes and sealants to your car, we recommend you avoid OptiCoat for this car. They will not adhere to Opti-Coat, simply sitting on the surface making them subject to being stripped quickly.

After weeks of discussions, where George patiently answered varied questions about different techniques and products (as well as expected outcomes), I was confident he was well versed in the black art of detailing and the appointment was made. George made me feel confident in his abilities and encouraged me to be with him side by side whilst he undertook the full detail so I can "learn on the job".

During each step/phase he would ensure he explained the do's and dont's. Moving onto the paint correction and protection, George would spend hours on one panel where I would have been happy with the results after 10 mins. His attention to detail and obsessive nature (Obsessiveness is a GOOD thing in a car detailer) meant the finish on the Black Duco was near flawless.

George's enthusiasm, attention to detail, advice and professionalism are at a level I have rarely seen in anyone that has dealt with me in the motoring industry.

George delivers on his promises by the level of work he delivers. I would not hesitate to recommend George and Billy Goat Detailing to anyone looking at professionally detailing their vehicle.

Stefan S, Maserati Gransport and Alfa Romeo GT


Weekenders are usually the cars we rarely take out on the daily slog.

Like dailys, every car will require some form of paint correction, some more than others.

Coating life is very much proportional to the maintenance regime you employ to keep your car clean. Leave dirt/grime/debris on the coating for months and it too will suffer, hence reducing its life. For these cars, we recommend going with a durable, glossier coating, especially if you like to wax your cars. If you'd like more information, feel free to give us a call.

We are happy to show you how to maintain and wash your car.

Do you think your weekender could benefit from this?