PRE-SALE: $400**

This is one of our most popular packages. We prep your car for sale from top to bottom. The exterior is thoroughly washed and then lightly corrected to bring out some of the shine and remove the lighter scratches. It is then coated with 2 layers of synthetic polymer sealant that will last 12 months with proper care. This is perfect for the new owner to enjoy a clean car too!

The interior is vacuumed and cleaned, along with wheels, glass and door jambs.

The greatest bit is this service can be done in a single day and you’re more than likely to get your money back when it comes to sale time.

WARNING: You are likely to experience pre-sale distress after this. Some clients forget how their car looks clean and decide to keep it! Some even opt to get it paint corrected and sealed - if that is the case, let us know within one month and we will give you a nice discount! **Please be aware, if you’re car looks like it has been to middle earth and back we may take longer which may mean there will be a small fee on top.

Put together the fact that my car's previous owner lived by the coast, that it was kept outside and that I had just come back from a 4500 kms trip and you will get an idea as to the condition of its paint. Scratches, chips, road rash, you name it, my car had it!

When I engaged with George to detail the car, I was somewhat dubious as to what could be achieved but was amazed at the transformation after 2 days, of admittedly very hardwork from George.

The paint is now completely smooth, has a deep, rich shine and the blemishes have been mostly masked, all of which I thought would not be possible without a full respray! George was also more than happy to share his secrets and continues to be a great source of information when it comes to anything relating to car care maintenance.
Francois L (Sydney), Alfa GT

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