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You're a traffic light GP champion, know every highway entrance and time just isn't on your side. You're a professional and when you're not saving the world, you're definitely not washing your car.

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Big Rigs

She's big and wide. Used to either ferry the kids to and from school or carry your tools from job to job. Either way, you look after her and she looks after you, no matter what the job.

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You know the one. The one you look back for one last look before you walk away, the one you take out on beautiful days and the one that costs you more than your family but every cent is worth it. You will find the time to look after her.
Probably one of the best 'instructionals' I've participated in. Very professionally done, no BS and getting down to a product that works. With some expert guidance we were able to knock out most of the swirls pretty easily and pretty much with one pass or so, which was great.
Joe A, Billy Goat 'Come and Try' Detailing Day