OPTI - COAT Gloss Coat: $120

OPTI - COAT Pro+ Warranty: Please Contact Us

**These prices are indicative only for your personal budgeting requirements. We can provide with a more definitive quote once we have discussed what you would like to achieve and ideally have inspected the car. It can work out cheaper depending on the condition of your car.

I entrusted Billy Goat Detailing with a brand new car that we had just taken delivery of. We were wanting to give the car a paint correction as dealers always mess up the paint whilst in their possession, and then protect it for everyday use.

George from BGD gave us some options to consider, and then followed up with detailed information on the products we could use. His service is impressive, but what really defines this business is his personal approach, giving attention to detail.

The effort he puts in with each car is from a bygone era - something seldom found today. I have since taken our other cars for the BGD treatment.
Lisa C, Abarth Esse Esse


Daily driven cars arguably need the most protection. They are exposed to the elements on a daily basis and owners often are too time poor to dedicate regular maintenance regimes. This is why we recommend the most boutique product we have on offer:
Opti-Coat Pro+

OptiCoat is a hard polymer resin that requires minimal maintenance but we recommend that you rinse the car at least once every 7-14 days.

Every car will require some form of paint correction, some more than others. For most cars we can get away with a single stage paint correction which removes swirls and lighter scratching whilst masking the deeper scratches. This gives you an ideal base to maintain your car and keep it looking fantastic for years to come. If you'd like a higher level of paint correction please contact us.

Coating life is very much proportional to the maintenance regime you employ to keep your car clean. Leave dirt/grime/debris on the coating for months and it too will suffer, hence reducing its life.

We are happy to show you how to maintain and wash your car.

Do you think your daily driver could benefit from this?