Big Rigs.


OPTI - COAT Gloss Coat: $120

OPTI - COAT Pro+: $200

George did the detailing on my Red Ferrari 360 Modena. He is a car enthusiast, in particular for Italian cars. It is nothing better for aperson to work on my car the same way I treat her. The products used was topend quality.

He asked me many questions about my expectations and how I wash the car, so he can tailor to suit my need. (In my case, I do drive my car once a week and it is not a concourse garagequeen).

The level of gloss that he achieved was not something I can do myselflet alone how careful he measured the paint thickness before the work. The end result was amazing and I am really happy with it. I will definitely recommend him to anyone.
Jackson L, Ferrari 360


Big rigs. They do the hard work and often spend a lot of the time working rather than looking good - unless you're a Range Rover Sport. For all big rigs, we recommend the Opti-Coat option, especially if it is a work truck.

OptiCoat is a hard polymer resin that requires minimal maintenance but we recommend that you rinse the car at least once every 7-14 days. If your truck gets dusty or muddy, often we recommend you rinse it as OFTEN as possible.

Every rig will require some form of paint correction, some more than others. For most cars, we can get away with a single stage paint correction which removes swirls and lighter scratching whilst masking the deeper scratches. This gives you an ideal base to maintain your car and keep it looking fantastic for years to come. If you'd like a higher level of paint correction please contact us.

Coating life is very much proportional to the maintenance regime you employ to keep your car clean. Leave dirt/grime/debris on the coating for months and it too will suffer, reducing its life.

We are happy to show how to maintain and wash your rig.

Do you think your 4WD or ute can benefit from this?