My name is George…

….and I am pretty mental about cars. If it has 2 or 4 wheels I am interested in knowing about it. My passion lies with Alfa Romeo’s, but really I pretty much admire anything. I really dig classic cars and have 2 myself, but my parter doesn’t know about one of them, so try not to mention it if you drop by the workshop. I have an engineering background and worked as automotive engineer for a short period before I started this business.

I specialise in paint protection. My skills lie in correcting paint defects to exceptional standards and applying specialist coatings that protect the paint underneath. The added bonus is, upon your request, I am more than happy to discuss how YOU can maintain your car. The do's and do not's, how, what, where and why. What Billy Goat Detailing represents is the opening of the car detailing world to everybody. it’s like your mechanic telling you how to change your own oil, or even your own cam belt.

Unfortunately I am not a super hero, which sucks, but I am awesome at correcting paint and making your car look better than new - so if you’d like to talk cars then hit me up.

George's enthusiasm, attention to detail, advice and professionalism are at a level I have rarely seen in anyone that has dealt with me in the motoring industry.

Stefan S. Maserati Gransport, Alfa Romeo GT, BMW X5
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The effort he puts in with each car is from a bygone era - something seldom found today. I have since taken our other cars for the BGD treatment.

Lisa C. Abarth Esse Esse, 2 x Alfa Romeo
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